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What Do Professional Landscapers Do In The Winter?
By Scott Bennett   |   12-Dec-2019

To paraphrase an old saying, A lawn may grow from sun to sun, but a landscaper's work is never done. Winter is not a time...

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Should I Get Rid Of Dead Trees & Bushes?
By Scott Bennett   |   05-Dec-2019

Quite a large number of people may find that some of their plants and bushes have died. There can be quite a large number of...

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Hardscaping In The Winter In Salt Lake City
By Scott Bennett   |   28-Nov-2019

Late fall into early winter is great time for residential and commercial hardscape projects. This time of year is generally when a landscaping company slows...

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Why It's Important To Have Good Landscaping During The Winter
By Scott Bennett   |   21-Nov-2019

Winter landscaping may initially seem to be counterintuitive. After all, some people may wonder why a person would want to have landscaping done in the...

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Pruning Your Trees In The Fall In South Jordan
By Scott Bennett   |   14-Nov-2019

To make a long story short, don't prune your trees in the fall. Period, don't do it. Now when it comes to woody plants (...

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