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Adding A Water Feature To Your Yard In Utah

27-Jun-2019 | by Scott Bennett

You can have an attractive Salt Lake City lawn by adding ready-made or customized water features to your property. Rather than only having grass, trees, flowers and shrubs on your home's lawns, consider unique landscape design elements that have water. Water features can make your property more beautiful or relaxing, but it can make your lawns look perfect for special events such as weddings or parties. A professional landscaper in Salt Lake City can inspect your property to determine where to install water features so that you can also have walking paths, vegetable gardens or entertainment zones. Here are the water features that you can add to your residential property.


There are hundreds of ready-made water fountain kits that you can install on your own after a landscaper tells you where to place the items on your property. A landscaping designer can also create a customized water fountain for your property. Water fountains are suitable for front lawns or backyards, and the items can create a cool and relaxing area in a meditation garden.


Ponds are one of the most popular water features to have on a lawn. It is possible to have floating plants on the pond, but you can also have fish in the water. Sitting by a pond can make you feel more relaxed, and a pond is often combined with other water features on a property.


If you love watching the birds in our region, then you must have a birdbath as part of your property's landscape design. When you want to have a birdbath on your lawns, make sure to add stone benches or chairs near the item so that you can sit for hours while watching the birds that are looking for water to drink or splash in.


With a professional landscaper in Salt Lake City, you can add water cascades to your property. Cascades are different from waterfalls because these water features involve having dripping or running water along a flat surface such as a home's exterior wall or a supporting wall that is made from stones or bricks.


Waterfalls are often combined with ponds to keep the water circulating to prevent algae growth or foul odors. You can find large to small sizes of waterfalls that can add moisture to your lawn to keep flowers or other plants healthier. Most waterfalls that are used at residential properties are made from materials that look like real stone, but you can also use natural stone to build a waterfall on your property in Salt Lake City.


When you have a larger property, add a stream to it instead of a tiny pond. A professional landscaper in Salt Lake City can create a unique landscape design that has a stream that is lined with beautiful pebbles and that is a refuge for birds, frogs and fish. A gardener can also add plants along the edges of the stream to give it a more attractive appearance.

Contact our landscaping company in Salt Lake City today to learn more about how we can design and install water features on your home’s lawns.

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