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How To Keep Your Grass Green In Utah This Summer

09-May-2019 | by Scott Bennett

Summer is coming and for many of us that means mowing! To make sure that you are doing the very best for your Salt Lake City lawn, keep an eye on when you mow, how short you cut the grass, how often you water and where you walk.

How to Keep Your Grass Green

Your lawn will be under the most stress during the hottest, sunniest part of the day. To protect it as much as possible, do not mow at this time. Waiting until later in the day will be best for you, your mower and the grass.

Cutting Tips

Keep your blade sharp and mow frequently. Residential lawn services and professionals recommend removing no more than 1/3 of the grass blade when you cut the lawn to leave the plant plenty of greenery for energy storage.

Water Timing And Volume

Water deeply, and water during the coolest part of the day for best absorption. Adding water during the hottest part of the day will not do anything to protect the grass or increase absorption. Remember that living plants have a mechanism to protect them from heat damage.

If your Salt Lake City lawn looks wilted in the middle of the day, this mechanism is working. Your lawn is conserving its reserves of energy and water and will perk up as the day cools off.

A note about watering: If your lawn is severely sloped, consider setting up a watering timer to reduce runoff. Water for five minutes, give the lawn a break to absorb the moisture, then water for five minutes more. You will need to study your lawn to set up the best amount of time for the absorption to occur.

When To Add Grass Seed And Fertilizer

Experts from residential lawn services companies encourage homeowners to monitor their lawns in summer for dead or brown patches. Come fall, over-seed these areas to build up the turf and develop a healthy root system before next summer's heat.

Take care when applying fertilizer. In the cool spring, fertilizer can contribute to a lush, healthy lawn. In the heat of summer, you can actually do your lawn more harm than good by burning it with too much fertilizer during the heat of the day. Look for a slow-release fertilizer for best results.

Work With A Professional

Consider hiring a professional for these services. Working out how to keep your grass green can be challenging if you're unavailable for mowing or fertilizing at the proper times. Additionally, some fertilization treatments, if improperly or inexpertly applied, can turn your beautiful green lawn into a striped, burned mess. A professional lawn care company can keep your yard looking beautiful and give you a bit of time to relax with family and friends!

Your Salt Lake City lawn is the friendly smile on your home and deserves the best of care. Work with experts who know how to keep it looking its very best!

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