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How To Save A Yellow Lawn In Salt Lake City

13-Jun-2019 | by Scott Bennett

There’s nothing more frustrating when it comes to your lawn than getting ready to enjoy lush, green summer grass only to realize its turned stark yellow by the time the warmer weather rolls in. During the summer in Salt Lake City, it isn’t uncommon to find your lawn has turned a dry, unattractive shade of yellow.

Why Is My Grass Yellow?

While yellow lawns can be frustrating, there are typically a few general reasons that a lawn starts to take on an unhealthy color. This how you can tell your lawn is unhealthy. One of the most common reasons is the overall dryness. This can come from not watering your lawn enough, watering during the hottest part of the day, excessive heat, or from dog urine. In Salt Lake City, we certainly have all of the above.

Excess nitrogen in the lawn is another reason lawns can turn yellow. Nitrogen is essential for healthy lawn growth. When the lawn begins to yellow it leads many homeowners to over-fertilize their lawn, creating a vicious cycle that only causes the lawn to yellow further and change the pH level of the soil. This actually keeps the grass from soaking up water properly. Additionally, a lack of nitrogen also causes the green to turn into yellow. This can typically be corrected with lawn or plant food.

How to Save Your Lawn from Yellowing

If your lawn simply appears a little faded or is just beginning to yellow, there are a few simple fixes to help revive your lawn to that gorgeous summer green. The simplest way is to simply give your lawn a bit more time, attention and effort. Let’s face it, working on the lawn isn’t exactly fun. However, increasing the amount of care you give your lawn will invigorate its overall level of health.

A few additional simple fixes for yellow lawns include:

  • Make sure the blades of your mower are sharp and dulled blades aren’t tearing the grass at the edges, rather than cutting it cleanly.
  • Only mow the lawn when the grass is dry.
  • Rake up fallen leaves and grass clippings in order to prevent pests from feeding on your grass.
  • Water your lawn deeply, preferably in the early morning when the grass will have ample time to dry without the sun beating down on it during the hottest part of the day.
  • Consider a mild fertilization treatment and monitor for lack of proper drainage.
  • Thin out trees when possible so that the leaves gain more sunlight.

When In Doubt, Turn to the Professionals

If your grass is yellowing and these basic steps don’t work, consider working with a professional landscaping service in Salt Lake City. Once your grass begins to yellow, it can take a good deal of work to get your lawn back to that lush, green color that shows its health. This becomes especially difficult if you don’t have the time or energy to invest in nurturing your lawn back to life.

A residential lawn services company can also provide things like fertilization treatment and can discuss water management solutions with you in order to revive your lawn. If you’re worried about how to save your lawn and are having trouble turning it back from yellow or brown to a healthy green, it might be time to call in the professionals. Remember, a residential lawn services company has the expert knowledge and tools to keep your lawn and your yard looking gorgeous all year long, giving you time to focus on relaxing and enjoying the nice weather with friends and family!

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