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Landscaping Tips In A Dry Climate Like Utah

23-May-2019 | by Scott Bennett

You don't need superfluous amounts of water to have a beautiful yard. Many cities across the US are cracking down on the amount of water residents can use for their yards in an effort to save water. This is for good reason too. We simply don't have enough water for everyone, and we can't wait for it to naturally replenish itself. This means that everyone needs to use as little water as possible. Consider these landscaping tips to reduce water consumption for your Salt Lake City lawn care.

Use Native Vegetation

One of the best ways to have a beautiful, drought-resistant yard is to use vegetation native to Utah. When you live in an arid climate, the plants, shrubs and trees within the area will not require a lot of water to grow. Take a look at plants and trees that are in your area. You could use this type of vegetation around the perimeter of your yard and focus on a small portion of your yard for any desired plants that require a greater amount of water. You can also create a mound with drought-resistant plants in Utah and have a perimeter of vegetation around the mound to catch water runoff.

Use Other Drought-Resistant Plants

Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to plants that are native to your area. Any plant that is native to any arid climate can be placed in your yard. You don't have to limit your yard to a bunch of cactus either. There are several succulents you can choose in your yard. You literally have around 10,000 types of succulents to choose from. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and heights. They also have some of the prettiest blooms you'll ever see.

The Type of Grass You Choose Is Important

If you're a big fan of having a yard, consider this tip for landscaping your Salt Lake City lawn care. Some types of grass require a lot of water to stay green. However, you can get a drought-resistant type of grass and still have a beautiful, green lawn. Bermuda, Zoysia and Bahia grass are all good options to choose from. If you like walking in the grass without your shoes, you might like Zoysia or Bahia grass better than Bermuda grass. You don't have to have a full lawn either. You can always choose a small portion of your yard to have grass.

Landscaping Tips and Tricks for a Drought-Resistant Yard

Once you have chosen the plants, trees, grass and shrubs you'd like to use in your yard, figure out which parts of your yard you want for each section. You can use any type of yard barrier for your sections. At times, it's useful to make a rough sketch of your yard before you begin, how you'd like it sectioned and where you'd like all of your vegetation. You're not limited to creating a yard full of vegetation. You can always use small rocks, large boulders, trellises and other landscaping features to create a beautiful landscape. Creating shade in your yard close to your home can help to create a cooler home too.

Salt Lake City's climate is sub humid, which means it's partially dry for the year while enjoying rain for the rest. Keep this factor in mind when thinking of landscaping in Salt Lake City.

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