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Planting Sod in Utah: When is the Best Time?

20-Jun-2019 | by Scott Bennett

Dry climates are attractive for their temperate weather and natural beauty. The dry weather of Salt Lake City is comfortable, however, it can be difficult to maintain beautiful lawns and gardens due to a lack of moisture--especially if you are a new homeowner in the area. Thankfully, local residential lawn services specialize in the construction, maintenance, and installation of sod that can give your lawn a beautiful green appearance even in dry environments.

When is the Right Time to Plant Sod in Utah?

It is a general rule of thumb to plant sod when precipitation and moisture are abundant, especially when planting in a dry area like Utah. Spring offers a perfect opportunity to achieve a visually striking lawn in the summer months. It is important that the hot, dry summer months should receive minimal foot traffic as to not stress your lawn during periods of drought. Ideally, the autumn months offer the opportunity for a lawn to look its best through the cooler months as hot, dry heat is much less. Planting sod in Utah can be done at any time but will require a certain amount of maintenance based on the time of year.

Planting sod in Utah in late summer/early fall is the most advantageous as this allows your new lawn to adapt to the winter months and become prepared for the spring growing season. Avoiding the extreme heat of summer combined with the dry weather is the most essential thing to know when planting sod in Salt Lake City. Planting sod in early spring is possible which will give your lawn a small setting in period before the summer heat.

Landscape Maintenance

It is easy to think that a lawn will require a lot of watering in Utah, but training your lawn to become water-efficient is the best practice. Due to Utah’s dry climate, it is best to water your lawn in the early morning hours when moisture is present. This will also help the sod to maintain moisture and minimize the water from being immediately evaporated by the searing sun. Try to avoid watering in windy conditions as this will also accelerate evaporation and give your lawn one adequate watering a week in the optimal time frames.

The summer months in Utah will be the most stressful for your new lawn. A good practice that can be requested by residential lawn services is to request your lawn to be mowed to a taller height as this can provide your lawn with shade from the harsh rays of the sun. Keeping activity on your lawn at a minimum will also help to reduce stress during hot and dry periods. Additionally, keeping activity on your lawn to a minimum will also help your sod to set and become accustomed to your lawn.

The optimal time to plant sod in Utah is late summer/early fall. Planting sod is possible any time of year, but this time frame will allow your new lawn to settle and adapt to the shifting seasons in Utah. Proper maintenance of your new lawn is key to its success and one weekly watering with minimal foot traffic in the hottest months will ensure your lawn will be beautiful and healthy.

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