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Planting Your Own Fruit Tree in Salt Lake City

30-May-2019 | by Scott Bennett

Fruit trees can be a wonderful addition to your home that can provide years of fruitful reward. Before you run out and choose the prettiest fruit tree in the catalog, it’s important to understand that properly growing a fruit tree is a long-term investment. The best way to yield a great deal of delicious fruit is to do your research before selecting a fruit tree for your home. 

Most residential landscaping companies can assist you in determining the specifics of tree maintenance in Salt Lake City. You will want to start by mapping out a landscape plan in your yard that receives a decent amount of both sunlight and shade in order to grow fruit properly. You also will want to make sure the soil is fertile in the area you choose and that rainwater or groundwater doesn’t collect and risk over-saturating a young fruit tree.

Your local nursery can provide you details regarding the proper ground conditions for each type of fruit tree. The fun part is choosing the tree and looking forward to a season of fresh fruit! Planting a tree in Utah is great!

How to Choose the Best Fruit Trees in Utah

You won’t typically stumble across many successful orange trees or banana plants in the Utah area. This has to do with how cold it gets during the winter. It’s important to remember to choose fruit trees that will grow well in Utah’s climate. There are many trees native to the Salt Lake City area that will yield a great deal of delicious fruit. For example, chokecherry trees are commonly found in Native American recipes and their deep red or purple fruit is commonly used for delicious jams or in dessert fillings.

There are also a lot of fruit-bearing trees that aren’t native to Utah but will grow exceptionally well if tended to properly. Some of the most popular fruit trees in the area are apples, plums and apricots. There are many varieties of apple trees that do very well. If you are going to grow apple trees at your home, you will want to do a bit of research before purchasing your tree or trees. For example, apple trees are specific because they require to be grown close to at least one other apple tree in order to have pollination flow properly. You may want to plant two apple trees. However, you can choose more than one type of apple tree and still gain proper pollination.

Plum and apricot trees are two other delicious fruit-bearing trees that will fare well in and around the Salt Lake City area. There are many varieties or plumbs, so you will want to do a bit of research on exactly what type of plum(s) you would like. Plums come in different sizes, levels of sweetness and color. They are also known to produce a plentiful amount of fruit that can often drop to the ground. You may want to plant these away from driveways or porches to avoid the sweet fruit falling down during the season.

No matter what type of fruit tree you plant or that you choose to include in your residential landscaping, fruit tree maintenance in Salt Lake City is fairly simple if you do a bit of research related to your specific property before choosing your fruit tree!

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