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How To Know If I Need A Retaining Wall In Salt Lake City

10-Oct-2019 | by Scott Bennett

Building a retaining wall is not one of those home improvement projects you can just bang out in a few hours. Retaining walls need proper construction and effective implementation in order to provide the desired benefits and avoid any unwanted damaged. The lingering question is then, how do I know if I need a retaining wall? As professional landscapers in Salt Lake City we have learned a thing or two about retaining walls and we hope this helps.

Do I Need A Retaining Wall?

Before you can answer the question of do you need a retaining wall you need to know what a retaining wall does. The benefits of a retaining wall are important to understand so because once you do you will know if those are things that you need. After you figure that out, if it still makes sense to pursue the project talk to someone who does landscape design and they can help get you ready for what comes next. 

Benefits Of A Retaining Wall

You can sum up the main benefit of a retaining wall in two words, space utilization. In Salt Lake City, we are running out of room here in the valley. Maximizing the space you have is a great idea. Where there is a slope or a hill a retaining wall can turn that into optimal space for any activity. Keeping your grass nice is hard when there is a hill or awkwardly sloped land so a retaining wall can help you get the most out of that space. 

Another benefit is that it can help slow the rain runoff if you have a hill sloping down into your property. Downhill erosion can cause big problems over time and a well-built retaining wall can prevent that. If you have a hill that allows water to runoff towards your property you might already have minor damage. It is overall the best decision to allow a retaining wall to both optimize your ability to use the space and save your home from damage.

Talk To Professional Landscapers

Even with what appear to be small projects it is easy to make small mistakes that can lead to big problems. The benefit of hiring a professional landscaper is that you can rest assured that the work is being done properly. The cost of the retaining wall is far worth the peace of mind that comes from a job done right. Talk to a professional about your needs and they can give you an expert opinion on what the best choices are for your specific property. 

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