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When Is The Best Time To Plant Flowers In Salt Lake City?

18-Apr-2019 | by Scott Bennett

You may have noticed more and more flowers and plants for sale at home centers and stores like Costco and Wal-Mart, and you may feel tempted to load up your cart. You can probably picture how great your house is going to look with color everywhere, especially after such a long winter.

You and all of Salt Lake City are longing for signs that winter is really over. But when is the right time to plant flowers? Although we’ve gotten a few warm days, the weather still feels unpredictable—and it is. Even though we are tired of it, snow and freezing temperatures are still a possibility. Flowers that are planted and then frozen could die or lose their blooms. That is why many Salt Lake City gardeners in the area try to time flower planting with the possibility of freezing.

The USU extension office for your area will have the most up-to-date information on when freezing temperatures are most likely over for the season. An article, “Annuals for Utah Gardens,” written by Teresa Cerny, Debbie Amundsen, and Loralie Cox, all horticulture specialists and extension agents, lists the average days for the last freeze in various communities across the state.

They say that Salt Lake City’s average last freeze is April 26. Interestingly, Toole’s last freeze day is May 3, about a week later. Remember, these estimations are averages. This means that some years the last freeze is earlier than this date, and some years it is later. Many people in Salt Lake County use Mother’s Day, May 12th, as their planting day.

No matter what the experts say, near the end of April, start watching the weather forecasts. You should be able to get a feel for if the weather this year is going to cooperate with your planting plans. Waiting until the beginning of May is probably your best bet.

So what kinds of flowers are you going to plant? Perennials? Annuals? Both types of flowers can be an asset to your yard. Perennials bloom every year with minimal care. You can plan perennials to bloom at different times—some in the spring and others in the summer and fall. Annuals last only one season but can add vivid color to your yard. This is a great way to have that beautiful front yard your have always wanted. 

When plants either type of flower, following a few easy steps will helps your flowers to get well-established and to add beauty to your yard all season.

1. Dig a hole about as deep as the container your flower came in. A hole too deep or too shallow will make it tougher for your plant to get established.

2. Loosen the roots.

3. Make sure the soil in the root ball is a little bit moist.

4. Keep the soil around the newly planted flower moist but not soaked for about a week.

5. Mulch around the plant to help limit evaporation.

Happy planting this season!

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