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Thursday, October 25, 2018 | by Scott Bennett

We are having a glorious fall, here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Many of us have driven up into a canyon in the last few weeks. Why? Well, to see the glorious leaves turning colors. There is something magical and beautiful about seeing these trees and their leaves. They signal a changing of the seasons and a reminder of what a powerful impact nature can have on us. Now, most of the color in the mountains has faded and the bright colors are in the valleys along the Wasatch front. You’ve probably noticed a lot more leaves on the sidewalks to crunch when you go for a walk. Maple trees in Utah are shedding their leaves and all different types of trees are sporting their autumn colors. This is an obvious question but where do these leaves come from that bring such splendor to the fall season? They come from trees!

October in Utah is a great month to plant trees. The cooler temperatures and occasional rain helps trees establish their root systems before the ground freezes. If you are thinking of adding a few to your yard, don’t delay. Get it done soon. Trees are one of the overall best residential landscaping pieces in Utah. You will be surprised how much beauty and enjoyment they add to your yard today and for years to come.

9 Benefits of Trees
  1. Trees are peaceful and aesthetically pleasing. They can reduce stress, speed up healing time, and can make your home feel more like a retreat. The right trees well-placed can add value to your home. They can muffle sounds, block wind, and block unsightly views.
  2. They cool. Trees can cool your house in the summer and can even reduce your A/C bill. For example, a deciduous tree planted close to your house will cool it in the summer and in the winter, when its leaves are gone, will allow the sun to help heat your house in the winter. Pavement and buildings absorb heat and too many of them close together can raise the overall air temperature. Trees have the opposite effect, lowering air temperatures.
  3. Trees purify the air. We all know that through photosynthesis that trees make oxygen. Trees, shrubs, and turf also clean the air by absorbing dust, particles, and pollutant gases like nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur oxide. They can trap these pollutants in their bark. Then when it rains, they absorb them into the soil.
  4. Trees can help your lawn to stay healthy in the heat of the summer. Their shade slows water evaporation.
  5. Trees can help with humans with mental problems like concentration. Sometimes people have a hard time concentrating because of mental fatigue from our culture’s busy lifestyle. Being outside near trees can lessen mental fatigue.
  6. Trees can help conserve water and preserve soil. They help to lessen run-off that would wash soil away. Trees, especially if they are mulched can absorb water, decreasing erosion and the effects of flooding.
  7. They provide a habitat for animals, especially birds. They provide food and protection.
  8. Trees can be a source of food for humans. Fruit trees—apples, plums, pears, and peaches—grow really well in Utah. If you plant a fruit tree, you will start to see a harvest within a few years. You will be amazed at how much fruit even one tree can produce with minimal effort--pruning and fertilizing—from you.
  9. Trees are less expensive to water than other landscaping and have a bigger impact.
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